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Radio Espial: Episode 12 - Michael Glynn Interview | MH370

Michael Glynn, retired Qantas captain, joins Radio Espial presenter Mick Rooney as we approach the 6th year remembrance to discuss aviation and the latest news on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. What are the plausible possibilities and how has the media (mainstream and social) dealt with the case?



  1. What we know is there has been no luggage, no bodies, no debri field, no rubbish, no oil slick, we have no distress calls, no black box, no crash landing site, we had dozens of military radars that couldn't identify the plane, we have propaganda being said about 2 passengers on board supposedly Iranian and seeking asylum in russia via Beijing? How did they know the passports were stolen and how did they know they were Iranian so quickly? Why go to China if your trying to get to Russia? And lastly why don't we have any closure my dads friend was on that plane. All we really know is someone or someones have meticulously and effectively destroyed or taken this plane and the investigation into it's whereabouts was just a smokescreen and millions weren't used in finding it.


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