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Radio Espial: talk radio with a focus on media, publishing, aviation and technology, presented by investigative journalist Mick Rooney.

Currently, all our episodes are broadcast and released in both audio and video format. The video is taken directly from the Radio Espial studio and also includes our guest interviews (when possible). If you prefer to just listen on your favourite podcast channel - no problem. We like that you can choose to see a guest as well as just listening. That's how we roll.

Popular posts from this blog

Radio Espial: Episode 10 - Juanda Ismail Interview | MH370

Pilot and flight instructor Juanda Ismail joins Radio Espial presenter Mick Rooney to discuss the latest news on missing flight Malaysia Airlines MH370.  (Juanda Ismail's website)

Radio Espial: Episode 9 - Jeremy Thompson (Troubador & Matador Publishing)

Jeremy Thompson of Troubador and Matador Publishing joined presenter Mick Rooney to discuss all things publishing, self-publishing, digital publishing and technology. (Running time - 63 minutes)

Episode 2: James Nixon Interview (MH370 & Aviation)