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Radio Espial: Episode 22 - Social Media Study (WBAC) - Case Study and Social Media Tip Toolbox

A social media case study of WBAC (We Buy Any Car) and how we deal with social media stories. Mick Rooney examines this case and later provides a wider social media toolkit we all need to use on the internet.

Radio Espial: Episode 14 - Linda Riesenberg Fisler Interview | US Elections, Covid19, the Arts

Political thriller writer and artist Linda Riesenberg Fisler joins presenter Mick Rooney on the latest episode for Radio Espial. In this episode we discuss the forthcoming US election, Covid-19, and the impact it has had on the world of arts and culture. Linda's website The Blind Series of books

Episode 6: James Nixon (Ben Sandilands and MH370 Update)

Episode 6 of Radio Espial  with retired captain, James Nixon . We reflect on the passing of aviation journalist Ben Sandilands and we have the latest update on the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Episode 4: Linda Riesenberg Fisler (Indie Author & Visual Artist)

Fourth episode for Radio Espial, presented by Mick Rooney. This episode features an extended interview with Linda Riesenberg Fisler, author and artist. We discuss publishing, media and politics. http://blindseries.

Episode 3: Mark Levine Interview (Publishing, Self-Publishing, Media, Domains and Politics)

Episode 2: James Nixon Interview (MH370 & Aviation)

Episode 1 - MH370: Jeff Wise Interview (MH370)

Jeff Wise joins Radio Espial host Mick Rooney to discuss the case of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which disappeared in March 2014. The aircraft has never been found despite two widespread searches in the southern Indian Ocean. Many theories have been put forward from the plausible to the bizarre. In this episode, Wise, a journalist and aviation commentator, presents a detailed account of what he believes happened on board and where the aircraft might actually be.