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Shayne Phelan Interview - Haunted Eire

You’ll be intrigued by our guest today – he’s a photojournalist for more than 25 years for provincial, national and international media by day, a paranormal investigator by night, and he is a survivalist trainer and instructor to cadets in the police and defence forces. Some refer to him as the Irish Bear Grylls. It's a perfect mix where Radio Espial combines our true crime features with paranormal explores and survivalist techniques. We will also demystify the mainstream belief that every trained survivalist is a crazy 'prepper' living in a log cabin in the woods, complete with 200 cans of beans and an underground concrete bunker, ready for the next zombie apocalypse. MAIN PRE-INTERVIEW BIO INSERT From Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, Shayne Phelan has had a life-long interest in Survival and some in the field would consider him an expert and somewhat of a father figure in Survival training in Ireland. He has served as a trainer and consultant for media outlets such as radi