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Radio Espial: Episode 8 - Paul Cohen Interview (Monkfish and Epigraph Publishing)

Paul Cohen of Monkfish and Epigraph Publishing joined presenter Mick Rooney to discuss all things publishing, self-publishing, digital publishing and technology. (Running time - 62 minutes)    

Radio Espial: Episode 7 - Grace Nathan Interview | MH370

Grace Nathan of Voice370 lost her mother Anne Daisy on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. She joined presenter Mick Rooney on Radio Espial to discuss the journey for relatives of passengers and crew of the missing aircraft over the past four years. Last week the Malaysia government announced a renewed search for the seabed wreckage of the aircraft in the South Indian Ocean after it contracted exploration company Ocean Infinity. Voice370

Episode 6: James Nixon (Ben Sandilands and MH370 Update)

Episode 6 of Radio Espial  with retired captain, James Nixon . We reflect on the passing of aviation journalist Ben Sandilands and we have the latest update on the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Episode 5: Kevin Spall (Thomson-Shore)

Fifth episode of Radio Espial. Presenter Mick Rooney interviews Kevin Spall, CEO of Thomson-Shore, a printer and self-publishing service provider. We discuss all things publishing, the industry, printing and design, and marketing for indie authors. Thomson-Shore website .

Episode 4: Linda Riesenberg Fisler (Indie Author & Visual Artist)

Fourth episode for Radio Espial, presented by Mick Rooney. This episode features an extended interview with Linda Riesenberg Fisler, author and artist. We discuss publishing, media and politics. http://blindseries.

Episode 3: Mark Levine Interview (Publishing, Self-Publishing, Media, Domains and Politics)

Episode 2: James Nixon Interview (MH370 & Aviation)