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Welcome to Radio Espial Podcast Radio

[Radio Espial - Invitation for pitches] Some tests needed over the next two weeks. But almost there. What is Radio Espial? A global internet radio podcast (sometimes live, sometimes prerecorded segments). Our focus is on media, publishing, aviation, technology and all other things considered. Who and how? I am the broadcaster and interviewer. YOU, my friends are the guests and interviewees. People I know, through and through, and no guests spouting bias, paid and professional views. This is all about people getting valuable airtime, on a suitable subject of their choice, without ad breaks, the interviewer cutting them off or highly edited content. It's freeflow... we can aim for one hour, but if we flow, we go for two hours. It's open ended. YOU just need access to Skype or Google Hangouts. All episodes will have an audio and video feed contained in the broadcast. I am not remotely interested in promotional or sponsored broadcasts at this time. So don't b