All our Radio Espial episodes are based on availability of guests and future episode information below can change. We try to have at least one guest per episode to discuss a topic. Please be aware of our Disclaimer page. We live in a diverse world and explore many topics. Opinions, views and claims by guests are not necessarily those of the presenter and Radio Espial.

Radio Espial and its presenter believe in giving any guest extensive time on a topic. We do not subscribe to much of the mainstream media's idea of get a guest on and off as quickly as possible for a series of snapshot soundbites. Our format, per episode, is open-ended. We record a guest spot and we don't edit the interview unless there are technical issues to do with sound, video or continuity. Radio Espial guests are not paid to appear on our episodes. They give freely of their working time. Therefore, any information on future broadcasts below regarding time estimation cannot be provided prior to recording - until we release an episode after post-production. Some of our episodes may last an hour, others could run to two or even three hours. That's how we roll at Radio Espial.

We thank you all for listening and viewing our previous Radio Espial episodes. By all means share them on social media. However, our content is copyrighted and must not be uploaded and altered in any way. If you wish to use a segment of an episode for external broadcasting purposes, please contact us first requesting context and permissions.

NEXT EPISODE (August, 2019)
2019 sees the return of the second full season of Radio Espial. Details of episode 12 will be released in the coming weeks.

We are delighted to say that we have a busy schedule over the coming months and we will be joined by guests to discuss topics like crime, politics, Trump, music, business and entrepreneurship, and spirituality. We've lots to come!

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